829 Belmont



829 belmont is A FAMILY-OWNED ORIGINAL FARM HOUSE that has been restored into four apartment-style vacation rentals in charlottesville, VA. located in the heart of the belmont neighborhood within walking distance of downtown, Each apartment contains a great living area, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom, WITH ACCESS TO THE COMMON BAR AREA, FRONT PORCH, AND SURROUNDING VEGETABLE AND FLOWER GARDENS. OUR FAIRYTALE Loft IS LOCATED ON THE TOP FLOOR WITH MAGICAL scenic VIEWs.
EACH OF OUR RENTALS IS UNIQUELY THEMED - Choose the stay that best fits your style!


The Garden

Feel more connected with nature in our first-floor Garden apartment. The decor - earth tones with hints of pastels, greenery, terrariums, and an abundance of natural light - was inspired by the gardens surrounding the property, which guests are free to pick from during season.


Fairytale Loft

With its white and airy decor offset by dainty metallic and wood features, our Fairytale Loft was designed to mimic a magical and romantic storybook feeling. A sweet lace hammock and cozy sitting area provide the ideal spots to soak in the surrounding views and enjoy being in the moment.


Check availability under each apartment/suite listing.